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Problem #5

In the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta, outflows (water that passes from the Delta into the SF Bay) are calculated by various water agencies using complex formulas.

The U.S. Geological Survey has gauges at various points in the Delta that measure outflow in real time. Most days this year water agencies calculations did not match up with USGS data, and water quality standards were violated.

Proper outflow standards have to be met to protect water quality for migrating fisheries like salmon and for nurseries for coastal fisheries (crab, herring, halibut, etc.) Outflows need to be measured and recorded accurately on a daily basis so that adjustments can be made in water management practices by the state and federal government for the protection of these fisheries.

A need exists for a system that accurately records and calculates daily outflows from the Delta to the SF Bay.

Objective of Solution:
1) Create a real time monitoring system that will accurately record and calculate Delta outflows so that state and federal water systems can be managed appropriately.
2) This real time data should be made available to the public.

Who does this affect?
California and Pacific Northwest fisheries, Bay area communities, Delta agriculture, and Delta communities dependent on the Delta for drinking water.


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