The H2O Hackathon begins on Friday March 27, 2014 ends on Saturday March 28, 2014.  Open only to individuals who are eighteen (18) years of age or older.  



By participating in the H2O Hackathon Competition (“H2O Hackathon: A Water Challenge 2015″) hackathon events taking place on March 27 and 28, 2015 in Stockton, California (a “Hackathon” ), you will become a “Participant” subject to the terms and conditions set forth in these H2O Hackathon: A Water Challenge 2015 Hackathon Rules (these “Rules”) for purposes of that particular Hackathon.  Participation in a Hackathon constitutes your full and unconditional agreement to these Rules.  If you do not agree to abide by these Rules, you will not be permitted to participate in a Hackathon.  If changes are made to these Rules, the changes will apply to you automatically.  Any such changes will be reflected at this site and the effective date of the revised rules will be provided.   H2O Hackathon: A Water Challenge 2015 administered and operated by the H2O Hackathon: A Water Challenge 2015 Committee and the lead organization iHub San Joaquin

H2O Hackathon: A Water Challenge 2015 is intended to foster development of the best applications (“Apps”) that efficiently solve on the ground challenges for using water in urban and agricultural applications with the most effective user capability.  H2O Hackathon: A Water Challenge 2015 is an app development competition that helps statewide urban and agricultural communities facing water challenges.  The Hackathon will promote the same fundamental mission.  Apps will be developed to solve for the types of water challenges as outlined in the H2O Hackathon: A Water Challenge 2015 case studies.  Participants are strongly encouraged to develop functioning Apps and prototypes that integrate data to solve on-the-ground challenges for using water in urban and agricultural applications as efficiently as possible in California.  All eligible entries will be assessed according to the criteria described below will be chosen for the Hackathon based on these criteria.  An audience-selected “Hackers’ Choice” prize for “most promising App” will also be awarded at the time of judging.

The Hackathons are subject to all applicable Federal and state laws and regulations, including, without limitation, laws and regulations relating to privacy and data collection.




The Hackathon is open to Participants who are:

 at least eighteen (18) years old at the time of entry; or teams comprised of a maximum of five (5) individuals, each of whom is at least eighteen (18) years old at the time of entry, provided that each member of a team must be a full-fledged member of the team, and that each team identifies a team leader; provided that while teams may be comprised of individuals working for the same employer, teams may not act on behalf of or represent such employer.  If you enter as part of a team, you may not separately enter as an individual, and each individual may join only one team. Teams may be formed prior to and at the Hackathon event itself.


The Administrators have the right, in their sole discretion, to determine whether a potential Participant is eligible to participate in a Hackathon. The following individuals are not eligible to participate in the Hackathons:

any individual involved with the design, production, promotion, execution, or distribution of the Hackathon and each member of any such individual’s immediate family or household; any employee of an entity providing the Administrators with monetary support for the operation and/or organization of the Hackathons (each such entity, a “Sponsor”) and each member of any such employee’s immediate family or household; each Hackathon judge and each member of his or her immediate family or household; and any individual that employs the official judges or that otherwise has a material business relationship or affiliation with the judges.

For purposes hereof, (a) the members of an individual’s immediate family include such individual’s spouse, children and step-children, parents and step-parents, and siblings and step-siblings, and (b) the members of an individual’s household include any other person that shares the same residence as such individual for at least three (3) months out of the year.

You and/or your team are responsible for obtaining all required approvals, consents and authorizations, if any, that may be required in order for you to participate in a Hackathon and submit an App for final judging, including approvals, consents and authorizations that may be required from your employer.

In order to participate in a Hackathon, each individual participating in the Hackathon will be required to register in advance on Challenge Post, with a cutoff time of Friday March 13, 5:00 P.M. 

Participation in a Hackathon constitutes a Participant’s full and unconditional agreement to these Rules and the Administrators’ decisions, which are final and binding in all matters related to the Hackathons.  Eligibility for a prize is contingent upon fulfilling all requirements set forth in these Rules.



You or your team must submit your App in accordance with these Rules.  Any Apps submitted that are not in compliance with these “Submission Requirements” will be deemed ineligible, and will not be considered in the final judging. 

Your App must relate to the theme of promoting water technologies that will solve on-the-ground water management challenges in both the urban and agricultural sectors, and must comply with the following submission requirements.  App submissions that do not comply with such requirements will be deemed ineligible, and will not be considered.

Submitted Apps must:

Be germane to the theme of promoting water technologies that will solve on-the-ground water management challenges in both the urban and agricultural sectors.

Submitted Apps may not contain any content that:

Is inappropriate, offensive, or which does not relate to the subject matter of the Hackathon;

Infringes any third party intellectual property rights, such as if the content contains trademarks or logos owned by third parties or copyrighted materials (unless written permission is obtained);

Constitutes advertising content;

Contains any personal identifying information (such as names, telephone numbers, or street addresses); or

Violates any applicable law.

There is a limit of one (1) App submission per Participant, whether an individual or a team to the Hackathon.  All Apps must be started, completed and submitted during the relevant Hackathon period (March 27-28, 2015).  You may work on the concept for the App prior to commencement of a Hackathon, but you may not bring in pre-developed digital assets, including graphic design assets or code, which relate specifically to the App development at the Hackathon.

The Administrators may, in their sole discretion, make available to Hackathon participants floating mentors who will assist during the course of the Hackathon (“Mentors”).  Any conversations or materials shared with a Mentor during the Hackathon will be considered public and not subject to confidentiality

Obligations.  YOU acknowledge that YOU should seek independent legal counsel to resolve any questions THAT YOU may have about the foregoing.


Hackathon Sponsors


$4,000 in prizes

Most Awesome Hack!

2500.00 Cash Prize for the most awesome hack. This is a live event and you must be present to receive award.

Most Creative Hack

$1500.00 Cash Prize for the most awesome hack. This is a live event and you must be present to receive award.

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:

How to enter

Hackathon Period and Locations

H2O Hackathon: A Water Challenge 2015 Friday March 27 & March 28 Stockton California

The precise location and timing of the Hackathon will be disclosed on the Hackathon website ( in advance of the event. Participants must register on Challenge Post

To participate in the Hackathon, you, or, if you are a member of a team, you and each member of your team, must attend the Hackathon event and be registered for the Hackathon.   Participants may register for the H2O Hackathon: A Water Challenge 2015 in advance online through Challenge Post.  The last day to register is Friday March 13 5:00 P.M.  A Participant entering as a team will be required to identify a “team leader” as part of the registration process.

Walk-in participants will only be admitted on a space-permitting basis.  The Administrators may elect to admit or deny entry to walk-ins in their sole discretion.

Participants may apply for a travel/lodging stipend for the Hackathon.  Meals will be provided for participants on Friday March 27 (Lunch, snacks, Dinner) and on Saturday March 28 (Brunch)


Will be Announced

Will be Announced

Judging Criteria

  • Innovativeness
    How new is this idea? This could be a radical innovation or a meaningful new take on an existing product or service.
  • Impact
    App has the ability to make its users’ lives better, for example by helping them save water, make better decisions for water use, or reduce water use.
  • Market Viability
    Does the App show promise of performing in the marketplace?
  • Functionality
    How well does App perform the function defined by Participant?

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