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Problem #3

3) Urban water infrastructure throughout California is aging and in need of large scale investment for repairs, rebuilds and upgrades that will take years to accomplish. (Example: Los Angeles Department of Water and Power system will take over 300 years to rebuild. Eight to ten percent of urban water is lost through leaks in municipal water systems.)
4) Water main breaks, however will continue to occur, during the rebuild phase. Urban water districts need smart systems to track breaks for quick response so that large volumes of water will not be wasted and so that small leaks can also be identified and fixed as well.

Objective of Solution:
1) Create systems that work quickly and precisely to identify underground water main breaks and smaller leaks.
2) These systems would allow members of the public to upload locations of above ground water main leaks that are visible.

Who does this affect?
Municipal water district management and California water rate payers.

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